F150 4.2L Throttle Body Spacer XLT 01-03


    2001-2003 FORD F150 XLT-  4.2L

    Kit comes complete with bolts, washers, gaskets and easy to follow instructions.

    The design of the AutoXtreme Throttle Body Spacer is totally different from the rest of the industry's. It has four protruding fins on the inside wall (not a groove or an indentation); which will guide the incoming air in a helix direction and produce an turbulent spinning action as it passes through the throttle body. This causes the air/fuel mixture to atomize more completely, producing tremendous gains in mid-range power and overall efficiency. This effect will improve drivability of the vehicle as well as increase performance and quicken acceleration. Torque gains between 900 to 3500 RPM, increase towing capability. Gas mileage can increase 1-3 miles per gallon. Performance level may vary depending on driving condition and style.

    The AutoXtreme Throttle Body Spacer bolts between the manifold and the throttle body and is crafted from the same solid billet aluminum used by the aircraft industry. The kit comes complete with hardware and instructions. Installation is simple and easy using only basic hand tools; no cutting or drilling is necessary. The installation may take less than 40 minutes and you can enjoy the thrill of super performance of your car engine.

Custom F150 4.2L Throttle Body Spacer XLT 01-03

Major Applications:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year Range
  • Ford
  • F150
  • 2001 - 2003

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