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Car is one of the symbols of high class society and Ford is the brand name. Ford Motor Company is an icon for a good, classy and luxurious car. People won’t hesitate to buy any model of this company whatever be the price. In the year of 1948, Ford introduced its F-series in America and within a very short span of time it became a common name in every house. It was not a symbol of comfort but meant for middle class family. The design of F-series will be having some different attraction compared to other cars. It was actually a truck which resembles a car. The most famous among F-series was F-150. F-150 series ruled America for many years and was the best selling truck over 3 decades.
The first generation of F-sires was launched in the year of 1948 and it continued till 1952. The design of the first generation was having a modern touch. Ford introduced integrated headlights to it. There was a passenger side tail headlamp too.  Now not only driver but the passenger also is benefited with the windshield wiper during rainy season. These windshield wipers were handled manually by using foot plunger.

Till 1973 Ford produced six generation of F-series and its models like, F-100, F-110, F-250, F-260 etc, were quite famous among Americans. But real show time was the year of 1975 when Ford introduced F-150 into the market. There were not so much drastic changes occurred among the F-series models, all were varying on the basis of their weight, power and some interior designs. F-100 used to be of ½ ton, where F-250 was ¾ ton but F-350 was the heaviest among all of them and had 1 ton weight.

 Fifth generation models were known for its durability and simplicity in its design and remained top in the market till 1972. During 1973, the truck was redesigned and changes came in fencing and in the positioning of the letter FORD and many more. And in the year of 1975 F-150 came to the market, which was introduced in the market to compete with others. As soon F-150 was launched in the market it become famous as “heavy half” ton because of its ½ ton weight. In the year of 1983, the seventh generation of F-series, Ford decided to select F-150 as their base model and dropped F-100.
From the year of 1987 to 1991, there were changes occurred related to brakes, steering and power. Antilock brakes were introduced among all F-series and Ford emphasized on four wheel drive improvements and F-150 got automatic locking hubs.
In the year of 1992, Ford’s engineers gave lots of care about design of the engine of F-series models. They introduced 240 hp version of engine which made F-series models a lightning performer. The sales of F-series models especially F-150 was increased so much that they crossed Chevrolet and GMC collectively. It was the first time for the Ford to gain such a big margin and it happened just because of the classic design of F-150.

The F-150 was named as the “Truck of the Year” in the Motor Trend magazine for the year 1997.  From the day of launch of F-150, there was a continuous change in its design mostly related to its grille, towing capacity number and engine. This F-150 was got rating of 5 regarding safety from NHSTA which simply implies that F-150 is not only a vehicle that carries you heavy loads but it’s totally safe to drive with heavy loads.