Ford F150 LED Black Projector Headlights 2009-2013

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These headlights will really set of the styling of your 2009-2013 Ford F150!  These are new newest style 2009+ headights;  they feature a strip of LEDs and Halos to give you an ultra nice effect during the day or especially at night!  These black housing give the F150 a truly trick look!


  • 100% brand new set of Ford F150 Projector HALO Headlights in a black housing
  • All wiring for the headlights was preassembled for essential plug & play application
  • Halo wires need to connect and do some simple wiring connection (usually to corner lights)
  • All the headlights will come as a pair (Left side & Right side)

Halo/LED Headlight Wiring Guide

Q: What are these red/black or white/black wires for?
A: These are the electrical connections for the Halo (Angel Eye) rings and/or LED accessory lighting bulbs. 

Q: How do you connect the Halo (Angel Eye) rings and/or LED?
A: There are 2 things required to make the Halos and/or LEDs work.

12v power source  2: Ground

Q: Where is the 12v power source?
A: Any 12v power source can be used.  The most common source that most other tuners use is the parking lights. You simply tap the power from the parking lights, and now the Halos and/or LEDs will turn on with the parking lights.  However, there are several variations which can allow you to further customize your lighting. The Halos and/or LEDs may be tapped into the turn signals, or can be custom wired to turn on when you flash the high beams, or even wired to a toggle switch inside the car so that they can be turned off and on at your choice. It is completely up to you!

Major Applications:

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  • Model
  • Year Range
  • Ford
  • F150
  • 2009 - 2013