F150 Truck Cover 98-08


New car covers at a very affordable price. Made of 4 top durable layers. Quick and easy to install. Outdoor or Indoor use.  Great protection from rain and snow. Resist dust and dirt. Protects against dings and scratches. Custom fit compare to what you buy at your local auto parts store. Protect your original expensive car paint from the uv radiation from the sun and rain at this very cheap low price. All weatherproof type of car covers cold or hot environment. 100% washable.

A vehicle's paint must provide years of beauty in an environment containing harmful substances like acids, alkalis, ozone and other destructive elements. That's a big job for such a thing defense.

Using a car cover can protect your car's finish and its interior as well. It can assist in keeping harmful UV rays from degrading and cracking plastics and leather interior surfaces.

Fits 1997-2008 Models, specify below please your make/mode/year.

Major Applications:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year Range
  • Ford
  • F150
  • 1988 - 2013

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