F150 Black Seat Covers F&R 04-08


Custom F150 Black Seat Covers 04-08

Exact Fit Seat Covers are tailored to the your seats exactly for years of protection from dirt, sun and wear. They fit so well, it hard to tell you have seat covers, so they stay in place and are a tight fit. Each part of the seats will have custom fit covers for head and armrests, there will be reinforced opening for headrests, levers and for side impact airbags when they are in the seats. Covers come with full backs and pockets for additional storage. Seat covers are sold in complete rows, so buckets have a drivers and passenger covers, which can be different. So these are custom seat covers made to fit your vehicle exactly, so to ensure you are selecting the correct covers, read the details below. We make exact fit covers for 1450 vehicles since 1982, so be assured these are the best seats covers you can buy under a $200.

Exact Fit Seat Covers are custom made to specific seats for a particular vehicle in a defined year range. So vehicles have seating options, so you need to make sure no only do you have the correct vehicle make, model and year range, but also which seating options came in that vehicle.


FORD    XLT /ST  F150 SUPERCAB ONLY 2004-2009




REAR IS 60/40 SPLIT BOTTOM, SOLID BACK,BELT HOLDER IN BACK REST. There is another style of F150 WITH HIGH BACK 40/60, so look which one you have.



Material types. We use American made automotive fabrics, the most durable of which is velor. This is supplied in most new vehicles and has a short pile, is teflon treated for stain resistance and UV and fire retardent. S.U.V's and trucks now come with twill which is a flat woven fabric with same qualities as velor without the pile.



Delivery times. A high percentage of products are in stock and ship within a couple of days, special orders take less than a week. We manufacture for dealers so you are getting a high quality product for a very good price because of our volume to OE standards.


Seat Style definitions.

Buckets seats are two same size seats each side, which can be low back with adjustable headrests or high back with the headrest built in. These are sold in pairs, often with differences between drivers and passenger side. The driver's side could be electric or manually operated, while the passnger seat is often manually operated. If the vehicle has side impact airbags in the seats, we have a covered flap or opening for the airbag deployment. If either one or both have armrests, there will be a reinforced opening to go around the hinge point of the armrest with a velcro closure. There will be covers for all armrests and headrests attached to the seats, there will not be covers for consoles between seats or armrests on doors. In the case of back of the seat being closed off with a flap, the seat covers are made in one piece and can be installed after unhooking the flap, which will be re-connect after install so seats stay original.

Unevenly split front benches. These seats have the appearance of being continuous, but can be split 60/40 meaning the larger side is on the driver's side going across the center to meet the 40 side. Or 40/60 with the small side on the driver's side, essentially a bucket seat for the driver with a larger section for two more passengers.

Major Applications:

  • Make
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  • Year Range
  • Ford
  • F150
  • 2004 - 2008
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